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We partner with several like-minded nonprofits in New England to reach underserved schools. If you serve a high-need student population in New England, have a pre-existing relationship with one of our partner nonprofits, and think an author-led residency would benefit your students, send us a note. If you’re outside our current network but excited to get to know us, send a note anyway. You never know—some connections are meant to happen.

School inquiries: [email protected]


If you are a published VCFA writer living in New England, we’d love to include you in next year’s roster.

Author inquiries: [email protected]

Hop on the VCFA alumni forum to find other ways to get involved!

Other Inquiries

We’re a small staff (two at the moment), so it may take us a moment to get back to you, but we’re always excited to make connections. Send us a line.

Other inquiries: [email protected]

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